Semana Santa at the Palacio Villapanés

Sevilla is world famous for its Easter. Easter is part of Sevilla’s history, its walls, its churches, the idiosyncrasies of Seville. The Sevillians are preparing Easter for an entire year. It is a unique event which is worthy of being a Festival of International Tourist Interest up to the April Fair.

Holy Week in Seville not only leaves you captivated by the beauty of the steps, true artistic ensembles consisting of expressive carvings enshrined Spanish Baroque sculptors, a rich goldsmith and processed images masterfully cloaks embroidered with fine gold thread … also, the peculiar aesthetic all-encompassing hooks you and encourages you to participate and I transmitted a lot of different sensations: the smell of orange blossom and incense, dim lighting of candles and candles announcing the arrival of the steps, the martial of bands, and the slow walk Nazarenes, penitents, acolytes and brothers parading under a colorful blanket robes and hoods, which contrast with the funereal black of the costumes and blankets mourners.