Restaurant – Los rincones del Marqués

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Discover the selected mediterranean gastronomy to delighten your five senses.

Taste the andalusian flavours in the old winery of the Palace, a restaurant with an excellent sevillian gastronomy with a wine selection which will surprise you with its special creativity full of touches. The menu represents the essence of the mediterranean food ,“more than a story its a way to understand life” y and reflects “the way of being, the way of live and the distinguish andalusian character”. The magnificent combination of selected raw ingredients, will surprise the most exquisite palates ready to savour the creativity and charm of all the dishes to let go the five senses. Throughout day or night you will have the most perfect moments, tasting the delicious breakfast after a luxurious relax, share an exquisite traditional lunch after a long promenade around the magical corners of Seville or tasting the perfect combination and fusion of sevillian gastronomy after a day full of experiences and unforgettable moments, always being able to share and celebrate the best moments.